Hey Siri command

Apple’s digital assistant is an artificial intelligence that you can run by giving commands to it. The application, which has become a favorite of users especially with its funny answers, bids farewell to the phrase “Hey Siri” used to wake it up.

Say goodbye to the “Hey Siri” command!
Siri is a digital assistant available for Apple’s iOS, watchOS and tvOS operating systems. The purpose of the application is to answer the questions asked and to realize what the user wants to do. Although the developer company announced that it could be used on Android and BlackBerry at first, the plan was canceled after it was sold to Apple and became exclusive to Apple.

Now, Apple is preparing to replace the phrase “Hey Siri”, which is used to voice its digital assistant Siri, with “Siri” by reducing it to a single word. The new wake-up command is expected to be available next year or 2024.

Apple did not make any statement about the reason for the command change. The estimates, however, point to the accent. Because the word “Hey” cannot be said the same in every English-speaking country. However, it is getting harder for artificial intelligence to understand what is being said.

As easy as it is for the digital assistant to understand a single word, adapting it to many languages ​​will make it difficult. According to Bloomberg’s report, this small change requires rewriting Siri’s basic artificial intelligence algorithm.

It is also alleged that Apple is trying to make Siri more compatible with third-party apps and services. Because with the new command, the job of application developers will become easier. For this reason, the accuracy rate of the claim is quite high.